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The majority of contracts run from March 21st to March 20th of the following year. Providing both parties are willing, we could renew the contract for the next school year as well.
The contract is 40 hours per week (some days finishing early, some days finishing after 5pm, etc). Travel time to and from work not included. The working week is Monday to Friday.


  • Paid Winter vacation, summer vacation & sick leave
  • Starting salary is 265,000~280,000 yen per month, paid once a month
  • Day in lieu (comp. day) given for any weekend events attended. (About 3-4 per year) Exceptions to this are Vantage staff meetings held 4-5 times a year.
  • Work related Travel Expenses to and from work reimbursed
  • Contract completion bonus for 1st year employees up to 100,000 yen
  • Social Insurance(SI): an umbrella term for three different employee benefits that private companies in Japan are required to provide by law:
    1. Health Insurance
    2. Employee Pension, and
    3. Employment Insurance


4 year University degree
Native English Speaker
Must love working with children and spending time with them between classes
Must be prepared to work

Education, Music, or Drama degree
TESL or CELTA qualification
Teaching experience with children
Basic level understanding of Japanese language, with desire to improve


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