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An example day in the kindergarten consists of:

Arrive at the kindergarten by 9am in shirt and tie, dress pants (not jeans). Greet the kindergarten staff, get changed into something more casual, then play with the children until 10am. This may include kicking the soccer ball, greeting at the entrance gate, riding the school bus, etc.

From 10am-12pm we have morning classes. These consist of two patterns, one with computers and one without. Depending if the school has computers or not.

For English only classes, they are generally around 30 mins in length with 30 children in the class. The Japanese teacher is in the class but is very much in a support role. We supply the teacher with materials, curriculum, and ideas, but each lesson is left to the individual teacher to plan.

If there are computers, the lessons are broken up into half English, half PC.

12-1pm is usually lunch time. We eat lunch with the children. If you are looking for a job with a set 1-hour lunch break-where you can sit alone, this is not for you.

1:00-1:30pm is either more English classes, or playing outside with the children---this is different from school to school.

1:30-2:00pm- prepare for afternoon classes, playing with children

2:00 -5:00pm- afternoon classes

These are 50 minutes in length. Again, if PCs are at the school, then 30minutes English, 20 minutes PC. If there are no PCs, then 50 mins English only. No Japanese teacher is present during the afternoon classes.

The afternoon classes are different to the morning classes because the parents pay extra money for their children to attend. Because of this the class numbers are lower, from 1-15 students. The expectations are a little higher also, so we use a progressive textbook series.

The last afternoon class is for elementary school students, previous students of the kindergarten who come back just to attend English class.

At the end of each afternoon class we greet the parents and explain the homework. At the end of the last afternoon lesson, change back into your shirt and tie, say goodbye to the kindergarten staff and go home.


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