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We provide quality English lessons by native English speakers for kindergartens, nursery schools, and elementary schools.
All of our current teachers are native speakers from English speaking countries (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada) and we provide extensive training in the use of our original curriculum.

Regular curriculum for all kindergarten students

SeikaFureai English

Through contracts made with kindergartens or other educational institutions, we provide teachers who spend the whole school day with the children.

Children can spend time listening to native English pronunciation during this crucial stage of their development and become familiar with the English language.
The children can enjoy learning vocabulary and phrases based on monthly themes through fun songs, games, and activities.
In addition to English lessons, the children also learn about language and culture through spending “fureai” time with the teacher, which can include lunch time, playground time, or school events such as Sports Day.


Small group lessons

Extracurricular activitiesVantage Club

We offer small group after school lessons for those parents who want extra English instruction for their children. We aim to provide more detailed learning customized to the pace of each child.

In addition to listening and speaking exercises, children will also study English reading and writing through phonics, thus covering the four foundational skills of language learning.
Children have fun practicing songs and gestures and activities while learning about relatable topics such as colors, animals, and family.



We will propose English using IT according to the customer.

We also offer consulting services regarding webpage renewal, marketing, and adult English education for teachers and kindergarten staff. In addition to these education services, Vantage can also assist with reducing electricity bills through our sister company.


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